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So I wanted to have a go at what I thought was a really awesome idea for commissions I'd recently seen by an artist I follow. Thought I'd have a crack at it with my own style. I'll use their guidelines as a marker for my own. I'd be drawing in my chibi/more serious style of work think big body with a more serious face.

Commission Rates Start @ $25 and cover from the head down to just below the shoulders; though should you request a little more body price may range a little higher depending on the picture being sent. For this I will take on 5 slots a week.

1. (Available)

2. (Available)

3. (Available)

4. (Available)

5. (Available)

Also requests like:

"HEY! can ya make me a little more MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE-ish"
"Can you add this or take away that from me or said picture"
would also incur a price increase depending. :)

Once a price point is set as well as a payment method (and it's a picture I like A.K.A. don't be afraid to be wacky and send me an interesting picture of you-though nothing to overtly suggestive or sexual) the process begins and you'll receive a digital portrait of yourself once I'm finished :)

The Don'ts:

Type of emails/photos that will get ignored/thrown out:

-Missing a photo
-Requesting a free sketch
-Asking repeatedly if I'll accept yours
-That want me to agree on a deadline ("Must be done for a birthday, anniversary, live event...")
-Photos of couples or groups (one sketch of one person only)
-Extreme close ups/cropped off foreheads/half of a face
-Blurry, small file, bland compositions, or complicated photos
-Person interacting with other people (This is a special sketch for you, and you alone)
-More than one pet
-Offering DA points (Sorry folks, though this is for fun I can't accept points)
-Art Trades
-Not relating at all to the portraits (This is a commission only for those nothing else)
-You dressed up as a character you like OUTSIDE of the photo A.K.A. if it's not in the photo you send it's not going to be in the drawing I do.

The Do's:

-Will do minor blood or gore (Though not depicting you killing anyone you know halloween is close so it's completely understandable.)
-Scantily Clad/covered up (Again nothing too overtly sexual though (NO SEX/UAL pleasure basically)
-Will do pictures (with no additional cost) of you and your little one in your hands
(If you decide you want a sketch of your little one in the bath with a rubber ducky or things of that sort they will be leafed, HOWEVER I would prefer if ya found and chose pictures where they aren't exposed in an obvious manner.)
-Profanity (i.e. middle fingers and shirts that say F#%* off)
-You in cosplay, though depending on the complexities of the costume it may incur an extra charge.

please do not be offended if I don't ever get back to you. I ask you to be patient as it isn't just you requesting, I spoke a little earlier about if the photo is something I find fun to do, the request is over 48 hours old, working on other projects (I am currently in the middle of starting up a comic project soon called "Beyond The Mirrors Eyes" and that in an of itself is going to take up a lot of time and energy when started. These portraits are when I have time left over in the day to do one or two of them. I do work two jobs during the week.

If you understand and agree with the above an don't mind that there is the possibility you'll never get a response back, can pay with PayPal (do not send a payment until you've been asked to), then do send your commission request for consideration only to my email:


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I am currently working on starting my own business geared towards the promotion of young comic-book and Manga artists. I myself am also an aspiring comic and manga artist working on a few of my own projects. My goal is to see more progressive work shown to the world that holds more than just a surface-value story but works that can leave something positive in the hearts of readers.

I've been self taught when it comes to my work; I'd been drawing since the age of maybe 7 or 8, though it could be earlier than that. I've always believe that a real artists does their craft to the best of their ability and as such should always be trying to expand on those skills as well learning new things or applying to their work what they feel works best/compliments it.

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Moshi-Moshi ZuZu-San
CokeSoap Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
IDMMorgan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It has been, I hope your doing well though. Your mostly on Tumblr or is it instagram right???
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GodEater1989 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
So how does one sign up to get a commission?
IDMMorgan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sorry about the late reply; been getting a few things sorted personally.

But yea... this is a good start haha. what are ya looking for?
GodEater1989 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
An African american sword user. Muscular build, but not too bulky. Wearing a Navy blue hoodie that zips up, however the hoodie is only half way zipped up. A white t shirt with a slogan that says "Live by the sword" serves as his undershirt. His pants are a blue stone washed jeans and he has on black and blue sneakers. On his right hand is a black and navy blue glove. His left is inside his jean pocket. His eyes are of hazel color and his hair is cut in the style of a simple fade. While he holds no facial hair other than a soul patch. His posture is upright while standing slightly to the side so one side of his body is closer than the other. His sword is strapped to his back in a black sheathe. The sword handle is of a silver color where the handle itself is wrapped in a cloth and the hilt is of silver coloring but with forked points at each end. And due to the length of the sword a small portion is sticking out of the sheathe. Thus showing the single edged sword with a air hole in the middle of the blade. One of three, but the other two are concealed by the sheathe. If you need any more detail please let me know or email me at and I'll give you more info. Let me know the base pricing you want to go with and tell me if the extra detail and work will increase the total amount.
IDMMorgan Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well it'd only be black and white as lol I'm not yet proficient in coloring that'd I'd sit there and charge a person for it. I'd say for the missions no more than a simple $35
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Thanks for the +fav
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Thanks very much for the Watch! :salute:
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