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I was hoping to find someone who could create for me some digital flyers on a regular basis as needed. Nothing major for work design just something for the Jamm Session Project I'm working on.

These flyers I need are strictly digital ones, something simple that gets what I need said, said and still catches the eye. These are flyers I'd want sized to fit the average Instagram Post picture size limit.

I'm not looking to spend an arm and a leg, I'm really looking for something simple but eye catching while still trying to catch the best offer, like I said this will be an ongoing thing, of course still being something that's mindful of your own personal projects and time.

If you guys could post a few examples (3-5) of your work here I'll PM whom ever catches my interest.
(Please do not PM me unless I PM you, just out of respect please. That tends to happen a lot even when I state I'd PM whom ever I was interested in. Unless you've got some incredible offer you think I'd not be able to refuse, that'd prob be the only reason for exceptions.)

That aside thanks everyone for hearing my post out an I hope to see what you all can bring to the table.

here a few example:………
(not the personal picture but the right side)…

This would be the extent of a really nice one I'd want. I'm not looking for anything to flashy simply eye catching and to the point.…
So I've recently started a new musical project called "The Jamm Session Café" which I host/post on Instagram. Its a real love of mine and when we have them its always a blast. However I'd like to bring some more power to the page by getting someone (who also loves music) dedicated to helping me give more vibrance to it all. The reason I'm looking for a banner maker is because when I have events or get together coming up. I'd like to have something nice and at least semi-eye catching for people to see an get excited about.

For example I actually have a venue I may be getting to use to host a Jamm Session and I'd love to get a banner/flyer made to post for auditions and the date of the event.

If there's anyone up for the task please shoot me a line here and show me what ya got. I look forward to bearing from you all.
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I've been working on a script for a comic I'm going to be working on and want to see how my script comes across or translates to artists. Just want to make sure it can make sense to the artists I commissioned.

Would appreciate any helpful tips and suggestions based on how it translates to ya. Doesn't have to be a full on finished page or anything like that just a general "what you thought I meant" and then to give me your suggestions afterwards.

If you end up helping me out, if you could post the results here in the forum that'd be great.

For anyone who takes up the script an would like the music that I feel best goes with the scene here's the link:…


Beyond The Mirrors Eyes: Page #???? - Chapter ???:

Summary of Page:

Suddenly white mechanical arms fall from the ceiling, creating a translucent half-sphere like structure around the sides of Aaeva. Their robotic fingers, a metallic jet-black and grey, lock in like hands to hold the mysterious half-spheres in place, uprighting her body. The phenomena however goes unnoticed. Aaeva, still unable to move, begins to take in things through her other senses closing her eyes. Focusing on the inner functions of her own new figure.

Narrative/Aaeva: So this is life...

[I've been creating this in google docs so the notes I leave can't be seen but she goes into a Mind Palace, much like what happens in the Television show "SHERKLOCK" Link:… - 2:02) for her however her mind palace is just a white spaceless, boundless plane of existence. Because she's unable to move I wanted to express her connecting with her other senses through her mind palace.]

She feels as her artificial heart beats inside her chest; each compression like the last; sending new life and energy over every part of her body. She takes in for the moment the feeling of the air passing in through her nose and into her lungs. Her chest expanding and and compressing as her body continues to be up-righted. It’s then she notices the faint drifting sound of music in her ears. The different instruments and melodies swiveling around her. They're familiar to her, and yet they are foreign to her, so new, so different. This feeling the same for the other senses.

Narrative/Aaeva: It’s Beautiful…

Notes: For this page the utilization of her “Mind Palace” will be essential in expressing her use of her other senses. Since she is transfixed in the confines of the room unable to move it’ll be the job of her mind palace to show readers that she’s getting in tune with her other sense through a physical gesture her mental self does. Such as touching her chest to indicate she’s listening for her heart beat. Or tilting her head to show she’s breathing through her nose with wind blowing her hair to the back of her. The goal is to stray away from having things explained through words and more by actions.

Panel Outline:

The second page will be comprised of Five(5) panels split evenly from the page. The third page will be comprised of Nine(9) panels.

PAGE #02 of 2-3/PANEL #1: Here will be a side shot close-up shot of Aaeva showing from the top of her head down to just about where we’d start to travel down her upper rib cage.

PAGE #2 of 2-3/PANEL #2: We then cut to an undershot of Aaeva that’s almost full body; just below her knees, the feet escaping the readers view. Her hair swirls around and her arms remain outstretched. We see from this undershot view the ceiling of the room open up to see the arms descending down.

PAGE #2 of 2-3/PANEL #3: Now from a horizon shot we see the arms at the side of Aaeva her hair facing the reader as her body lays down flat in the air at a slight down-ward angle, just enough to capture her buttox and upper back.

PAGE #2 of 2-3/PANEL #4: A smaller box (just about 1/8th the size of the above panels) connecting between both the Third(3rd) panel and the Fifth(5th) panel is where the Fourth(4th) panel will lie; more so on the Fourth(4th) panel than the fifth as not to take up to much space in the Fifth(5th). Here we will have the panel split diagonally to show the hands of the machines which are holding the spherical barrier.

PAGE #2 of 2-3/PANEL #5: This panel we’ll have one of the arms in the foreground of the frame/the readers eyes. It’ll be bent at the (elbow) as if grabbing something from off a low standing coffee stand. We’ll capture this at an angle so that we can capture the second arm in the background as well. Aaeva in the middle more progressively upright than the following panels from before with her head tilted up. (Here on this last panel is where we will have Aaeva speaking)


PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #1: On a black background we'll have a small rectangular box that is all black. This will be the starting of another fading into Aaeva’s Mind Palace.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #2: A progressive ascension into Aaeva’s mind palace. Going from all black to white.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #3: Here we see a Close-Up shot of her upper body. Head leaning down with her eyes closed. Her hand placed on her chest (This could be broken into another panel of the shot of her hand on her chest) This will be a thicker rectangular panel.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #4: It’s here we see Aaeva’s artificial heart beating and pumping through her a white and blue, light liquid. SFX: Bthump Bthump Bthump

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #5: Next we see Aaeva’s head lifted up a smile on her face and her hand on the center of her chest. Her chest puffed up to it’s fullest as she takes in air. Her face is a look of bliss, a look of freedom.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #6/7: Here we see Aaeva’s lungs taking in air and exhaling it out.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #8: Here you are free to illustrate the sound of music coming through (I'd suggested melodies or notes starting small and ascending out to cover a part of the page.

PAGE #3 of 2-3/PANEL #9: A picture of Aaevas ear


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I am currently working on starting my own business geared towards the promotion of young comic-book and Manga artists. I myself am also an aspiring comic and manga artist working on a few of my own projects. My goal is to see more progressive work shown to the world that holds more than just a surface-value story but works that can leave something positive in the hearts of readers.

I've been self taught when it comes to my work; I'd been drawing since the age of maybe 7 or 8, though it could be earlier than that. I've always believe that a real artists does their craft to the best of their ability and as such should always be trying to expand on those skills as well learning new things or applying to their work what they feel works best/compliments it.

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An African american sword user. Muscular build, but not too bulky. Wearing a Navy blue hoodie that zips up, however the hoodie is only half way zipped up. A white t shirt with a slogan that says "Live by the sword" serves as his undershirt. His pants are a blue stone washed jeans and he has on black and blue sneakers. On his right hand is a black and navy blue glove. His left is inside his jean pocket. His eyes are of hazel color and his hair is cut in the style of a simple fade. While he holds no facial hair other than a soul patch. His posture is upright while standing slightly to the side so one side of his body is closer than the other. His sword is strapped to his back in a black sheathe. The sword handle is of a silver color where the handle itself is wrapped in a cloth and the hilt is of silver coloring but with forked points at each end. And due to the length of the sword a small portion is sticking out of the sheathe. Thus showing the single edged sword with a air hole in the middle of the blade. One of three, but the other two are concealed by the sheathe. If you need any more detail please let me know or email me at and I'll give you more info. Let me know the base pricing you want to go with and tell me if the extra detail and work will increase the total amount.
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Well it'd only be black and white as lol I'm not yet proficient in coloring that'd I'd sit there and charge a person for it. I'd say for the missions no more than a simple $35
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